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Gluttony is the unquenchably hunger for matter, seen prevalently in materialistic hip hop and the capitalistic western world.


Platinum, silver, diamonds and gold
Plastic, rubber, aluminum and chrome
Paper, made of carbon, cheese, nickel, zinc or dough
Gluttony for matter, go and get you some, hoe

Gimme the drive to survive, Mad Psy gimme beats
Im'a gobble then regurgitate the heat
Then feed it to the streets, gimme publicity
Gimme fame gimme money gimme bitches in my sheets
On a mission like the reaper to kill it so you people
Feel it when you hear it, make you eat it out you speakers
Eat it out, pussy, get deeper, ya glutton
I spit and silence lambs turning sheep into mutton
Yes I want it all and more, no fronting
Need it like ideal Buddhist wants nothing
Get something if you came for beef, I bet you wanna eat
Saliva dripping off the platinum in your teeth
And I ain't fucking convinced that that shit is something you need
I ain't saying that I'm righteously deep, I'm rich bitch
And so I got that chrome grill on my G
5 5 muthafucker cop impalas can't compete
So I understand the desire to be hottest on the street
And never modest on the beats, they'll eat you if your weak
So you better get you're matter stacked, or at least speak
Like you got it, hottest like carbon up in Nevada is
Trying to get down to earth, but we don't know where the bottom is
So we give lobotomies to try to steal their brains
Someone starving right now while we fly on private planes
That insane, but at least I ain't frontin' see
And all of us are guilty of some gluttony, it's fucks with me...

Platinum, silver, diamonds and gold
Plastic, rubber, aluminum and chrome
Paper, made of carbon, cheese, nickel, zinc or dough
That's Gluttony for matter, go and get you some, hoe

They stalling, they starving, I'm hoarding, I'm balling
They calling me fraudulent, gambling all in
We're falling, we need to find a cushion for our tushes
But I'ma get it first cause I'll shove away your pushes
That's how we've be doing it since primordial ooze and shit
So I don't see why losers now are loosing it when loosing it
Go crazy when they're too lazy perusing it to take the shit
The winners go and break some shit, and take some shit, to make some shit
At least that what the crackers did, and all the other predators
Carnivores, eat up all your meat  and now you want some more
They said fuck you, tell em fuck em right back
Use they own medicine on them, steal and jack
Vic and stick, shit when planet earth is screaming, space is silent
Everything is suffering and violence causes violence
If you need meaning in these words, then grow your brain and find it
While I'll be working on my timing on my rhyming, staying grinding like diamond on a saw tooth blade
I'm raw and too crazed, you all are too dazed
That's why you can't be keeping up with all this that I say
Everything decays, I only own my brain
And I'm smarter than you kids so I'ma stay
Cause every time this plays, and someone hears a phrase
I'm immortal even if I'm in my grave
So you can dig it deeper, but I'ma keep on creeping in your brain
And on this planet till I save

Platinum, silver, diamonds and gold
Plastic, rubber, aluminum and chrome
Paper, made of carbon, cheese, nickel, zinc or dough
Gluttony for matter, go and get you some, hoe

The Mu-Mu-Muny make us apes act funny
I see monkeys act a donkey, so Jack act a bunny
Hop on my hapa honey, they blame exoticification 
But I just think she's a sexy atomic conglomeration
With a soul– which I can't explain as a product of nature
But I know that awareness is why I love conversation
Repetition is the way of education
I commodify my lectures, iTunes replicates them
Big J, Mr. Capitalization
Packaged up the raps, send the tracks across the nation
Tell em it's okay to have materialization
As long as it's your art, and you ain't just being complacent
Give money, get money, pay ya dues true
If you're feelin' yaself, pause, then do you
And do you ‘till you come hard
If it ain't enough, get some dog, gluttony


from The Seven Sins EP, released May 1, 2012
Concept, lyrics & vocals by Jack of Co.Z
Instrumental production & mixing by The Mad Psyentist




Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist Brooklyn, New York

Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist are a hip hop duo with a grundy, alternative post apocalyptic sound. The pair are currently working on a trilogy concept project discussing the relationship between contemporary pop culture and religions. "The Seven Sins EP" & "The Five Pillars EP" are available for download now, with the final part coming soon. Lyrics by Jack of Co.Z, beats by the Mad Psyentist ... more

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