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Lust is a discussion of the merits of lust within love, despite all the monsters out there to haunt you. Hear additional vocals by Jack's partner from Co.Z: Zoë Chao.


How could this be wrong?
We've listened for too long
Who's rules are these, can we move on?
How could this be sinning
I swear I loved you from the beginning
You've glistened for too long
Lust found love now how could this be wrong?
I believe your body's sacred
But that don't mean you can't play wit it
I wanna spend the day with it
Cuddled up in a warm summer rain with it
Don't...don't rush,
I know it's just a crush
But.... I might find love
Hidden deep in your ... lust

Don't rush, it was just a crush
But I wouldn'ta found love if I hadn't found lust
Don't rush, but hush the fuss
When lust is just love with some extra thrust

It's a must, lust, we getting it on
True lovers don't stop at the break of dawn
Energizer bunny hunny yeah my love It keep going
More than BP oil in the gulf it keep flowing
Going beep beep deep concentration on your curves
Round your body, in your mind, and on your tongue and with your words
No rubber gas mashed get the burn on girl
Hit your blinker, think you’re bout to get your turn on girl 
Indicate it, never hate it, we fight because we're scared
That the next time we go to sleep you might not be there
My lord... 143
I lust you, thus sinners are we
1 plus 1 makes two I agree
But 1 over 1 is still a singularity
Me plus you love true I agree
So you over me ain't nowhere I'd rather be
Hush the fush, and cut this damn mushy stuff
But don't be prejudice against you're lust
Some boys might shove, so avoid the are monsters
But not letting love find you could haunt ya

You know I want ya (Lust)
But I wonder do you?
They say it haunts ya
Well for me it's true
I lust, I lust, I lust, I lust to love you


from The Seven Sins EP, released May 1, 2012
Concept, lyrics & vocals by Jack of Co.Z
Instrumental production & mixing by The Mad Psyentist
Additional vocals by Zoë of Co.Z




Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist Brooklyn, New York

Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist are a hip hop duo with a grundy, alternative post apocalyptic sound. The pair are currently working on a trilogy concept project discussing the relationship between contemporary pop culture and religions. "The Seven Sins EP" & "The Five Pillars EP" are available for download now, with the final part coming soon. Lyrics by Jack of Co.Z, beats by the Mad Psyentist ... more

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