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This track features the introduction as well as the first sin. The introduction features samples curated by The Mad Psyentist, with lyrics about feeling lost in the many religious hypocrisies of the contemporary world. Wrath is a rant about feeling like you're falling through life, which causes anger and hate due to fear.


By the time I write this I'll feel differently, predictably
I'll switch on some positions and you'll call it wicked trickery
Who the fuck could the Ripper be? We don't know Jack
I capture moments of thought with mad science on the track
(Achoo) God bless, or is it salam aleham
God dam, fail a test the congregation has to slay him
Yeah that's the way we play em, peace be with you if you say it right
But I'm a lonely stoner and I stay sinning, day and night
Buning bush told me I should make a rap album
I think the heat got to him, it's time for me to salve him
I don't know anything, at least I know that
Did God write the Bible? Cause he didn't get paid crap
Oh snap, mutherfuckers get offended suck my ass
Live right, learn, change, relive, review and then react
And you can retort if can get a mic a spit a track
Everything is natural suffering and nothings really fact
Ohh lemme bring a bit a rature
Jesus is delayed cause I think he got capture
By priests touching boys during Islamic jihanding
Muhammah somewhere beating down the soul of bin laden
Siva and Mara see we got destruction on lock
Confuscious say we're fine, but Confucsious said a lot
I say stop thinking that we aren't naive beginners
Time for New World Orders cause we know we're all sinners

 ~ In dark times I feel like wrath is all I have ~ The dark side offers me strength, it calls me back ~ Embark child, hurry for fear is all around ~ If anger is falling forward, fear is falling down ~ I'm really more numb than I'm wrathful ~ I ain't into sodomy, but y'all can get an ass full ~ Cross me, I'll smash through, every fucking egg in all your baskets ~ Drastic; testicles and ovaries get ass kicked ~ Ass holes better change their tactics ~ Jack The Ripper smashit, pop you like your chap stick ~ Find the most vital part of your backbone and snap it ~ Steal the beat that you were supposed to rap on and attack it ~ Show you mutherfuckers some fast shit, spit it get and lit and don't pass it ~ Crackah on the mic trying act like he tight, writing that badass crass* shit (*look it up)~  What you angry at bitch? "Daddy fucked a stranger ~ And mommies all sad" – really: I'm in love with anger ~ I know it's fear, Yoda's like my fucking Jesus ~ "Do or do not", fuck me trying to believe shit ~ Physics has you breathing, and it caused all sin ~ And it's kind of my choice when I'm angry within ~ Please forgive me, I'm repenting to my self ~ Got a God complex when I toast to my health ~ But we do what we want and we prey/ay in our brains ~ And I'm sorry if you're angry that we don't think the same ~ But I'm not wrong, 'cause every time I test, facts are true ~ If you can say the same for how your brain explains the world to you ~ I accept.....but if it half ass ~ I hope ignorance is bliss for you, for me it causes wrath and ~ In dark times I feel like wrath is all I have ~ The dark side offers me strength, it calls me back ~ Embark child, hurry for fear is all around ~ If anger is falling forward, fear is falling down ~ Giving your life to God is the same as selling it to the devil ~ Not a sheep to your shepherd, I'm a lone wolf rebel ~ I love the ones I love, but don't consider them on levels ~ We're all atoms, preachers mad at him, they know he's too clever ~ With an answer for everything because I fucking think ~ I'm in search of all the options and the mutherfucking sink ~ While you lie and try to keep them ignorant from the truth ~ I'll be battling against it with my heat up in this booth ~ Hidden in your mind, the fourth dimension is time ~ And the only heaven I know is an afterlife of rhyme ~ "What you mean?" You heard Biggie recently, because he died ~ Still he manages to be heard more than most people alive ~ If you see me in my headphones I ain't on your fucking planet ~ I'm in heaven, don't talk to me twat, cause I won't understand it ~ I'm a mutherfucking bandit pissed off at your closed mind ~ I will knock you down and hang you out to dry. Clothes/Close line. ~ And fuck the stupid ass hook, cause I don't really like it ~ Fuck your raps, but no offense, cause you ain't really write it ~ And fuck education, its just diplomas with some letters ~ I take Ivy league classes so I can say they ain't no better ~ Y'all suck, we're all fucked, tell 'em tough too bad ~ Is it rough, are you stuck, does it make you real sad? ~ Well cry about it bitch, or lie about it bitch ~ So you can try smile 'fore you die about it bitch ~ And not to ruin living, but what's the fucking point? ~ You love to smoke weed? They'll take away your joint ~ You love a sunny day? The clouds will make it rain ~ Pleasure is more temporal than suffering and pain ~ Buddah got enlightened, ate some shit, and died ~ Moses stopped egyptians, so then the Germans tried ~ Violence causes violence in Israeli's Palestine ~ While Jesus says as long as you say "sorry" then it's fine ~ Bitch so I'ma do these rhymes, and Osama you can try ~ To make Fox News enable you as you terrorize ~ But I ain't scared of nothing, and believe in what I sense ~ Usually I teeter on the mutherfucking fence ~ Cause everything I do, there's really no use ~ The Mayans said we die in 2 0 1 2 ~ Nostradamus he'd be souped, and the rapture's coming true ~ Obama seen as antichrist, with bitten apple clues ~ And maybe all these crazy lines might get me in the news ~But while they blame and blame I'll love the one's I fear I'll  loose ~ Because I know my goal in life is live it while I have it ~ Anger is withdrawal and we're all pleasure addicts ~ In dark times I feel like wrath is all I have ~ The dark side offers me strength, it calls me back ~ Embark child, hurry for fear is all around ~ If anger is falling forward, fear is falling down ~ That's why we're so wrathful ~ Cause we can't admit the truth ~ And if you have a problem with my verses ~ Fuck you


from The Seven Sins EP, released May 1, 2012
Concept, lyrics & vocals by Jack of Co.Z
Instrumental production & mixing by The Mad Psyentist




Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist Brooklyn, New York

Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist are a hip hop duo with a grundy, alternative post apocalyptic sound. The pair are currently working on a trilogy concept project discussing the relationship between contemporary pop culture and religions. "The Seven Sins EP" & "The Five Pillars EP" are available for download now, with the final part coming soon. Lyrics by Jack of Co.Z, beats by the Mad Psyentist ... more

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